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Published September 21, 2018

What is Gamergate?
A movement started in August 2014 dealing with misogyny and sexism in the video game industry, or a disruptive campaign attacking male gamers for their hobby, it depends on whether you’re citing Tumblr or 4chan.

Why “Gamergate”? What’s that mean?
The suffix “-gate” is attached to many high profile controversies in American culture. The term comes from the Watergate Hotel, famed locale of President Nixon’s Deep Throat porno.

How did it get started?

I think some chick named Zoe had sex with the manager of Five Guys.

Who first coined the term?

Alec Baldwin or maybe Daniel Baldwin…I’m pretty sure it was one of the Baldwin brothers.

How concerned should we be with this? It involves the integrity of video game journalism and the heart of the gaming community, so it is up there with the Ebola outbreak and ISIS.

I have a female neighbor who is very vocal about this. How should I approach her?

You should take a calm tactic when dealing with a gamer who happens to be a female. Respect each other’s opinions and find middle ground to help see where the other person is coming from. Then honk her boobs and run away giggling.

How are journalists handling the topic? No matter which side you or the journalists take with Gamergate, you will be happy to know they are going to delete your opinion from their articles.
What can I do to help? Well, so far, relentless hateful comments and death threats via email have worked really well for the 4chan camp. If you’re on the Tumblr line of defense, more memes should do.

Should I blame Obama?.

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