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Published September 21, 2018

Recently, Twitch’s female broadcasters have had civilized and reasonable arguments via the chat feature on whether or not women should be allowed to show any type of skin on their body while playing video games. “I shouldn’t have to log into Twitch and view this woman showing off her boobs in a tank top on her personal channel. It just makes me feel weird and awkward when I stare down her shirt while she is playing the game,” a Twitter follower tweeted to Twitch.

Twitch has had a somewhat strict dress code until now, but with this huge backlash they feel it is time to make adjustments for their female broadcasters.

Stacy Chandler, head of online safety and protocol stated on the company’s website that, “At first we asked them not to show anything revealing on purpose, like wearing a tank top or anything that might show off some cleavage because males are attracted to that. However, our in-house team of scientists discovered that some males are attracted to other things like lips, hair, noses, and many other body parts.  In light of this discovery we are making it mandatory for women to wear a garment over themselves while broadcasting. They come in a variety of different colors and fabrics so women will feel comfortable wearing them,” The department head also mentioned that many fine options are currently available on Twitch’s parent site, Amazon.  Most even offer Prime service, so girls would only have to wear a bed sheet or play in a pitch black setting for, at most, two days.

It should come as no surprise that women may have something to say on whether or not they should have to wear these new stylish garments when playing video games, but they must remember that how they show their bodies is up to Twitch and its followers, so they need to know their place.

Update: It has now come to Twitch’s attention that men also find women’s eyes attractive, so girls must be blindfolded while playing.

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