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Published September 20, 2018

Movie fanatics who still haven’t had a chance to experience The Order: 1886 on PS4 will soon be rewarded for their patience. Ready At Dawn’s steampunkish werewolf action-drama is now available to watch on Netflix, announced Sony on Friday.

The Order was a huge draw for many movie buffs when they bought into the PS4 console over the last few years,” read the press release. “Millions have experienced the Hollywood-style storytelling of this new IP, and we are happy to say now this unique experience is available to the millions of Netflix users worldwide who still have yet to see for themselves the breathtaking visuals and cutscenes of one of our prized franchises.”

“Fans felt very passionate about the story we told in The Order, and for us to reach an even broader audience, we sought a third party who could serve as a new home for the action title,” says Director Dana Jan. “We feel this partnership is a perfect fit for both Netflix and our beloved movie.”

The ubiquitous streaming service has had a hand in so many properties lately, both original and third-party, that it’s tough to keep up with the countless titles constantly coming to users’ queues.The Order is just the first of many more hits coming to Netflix as part of an exclusivity deal with Sony that also includes Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and all future Quantic Dream titles. They’re also in talks to acquire the entire library from Telltale Games.

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