No Time To Explain

8 Overall Score

Fun Gameplay | Fucking Funny | Awesome Music

Very Short | Easy To Beat

No Time To explain started as a flash game on by Tom Brien.  With its major success, having over 400,000 views, Tom teamed up with Alex Nichiporchik to make a full version.  Now, a little over a year later, it is now released on PC, MAC, and iOS.


The plot is…well, there is a plot and there isn’t a plot.  The name isn’t really lying to you when they say “No Time to Explain” because there isn’t.  You are a nameless protagonist simply hanging out in your living room dancing in front of a TV, until your wall explodes, and future you pops out, telling you there is no time to explain and you need to come with him, until a giant crab grabs him carrying him away.

We have all seen that Simpson’s Tree House of Horror where Homer goes back in time, changes one thing, and comes back to a world that has completely changed for him; same concept.  Time traveling, time paradox effect, and alternate time-lines are all over the damn place.  Dinosaurs are flying jets, you are fighting your evil self and giant robot crabs are trying to kill you.  The story is humorous and I really enjoyed the “artsy” level.  While I do love video games that fall under that category it was a nice little poke at developers who take their games way to seriously.


This platformer has you using a laser cannon to get from point A to point B.  It starts out really simple, of course, but as you go further into each level they become more challenging, like avoiding spikes, pits of acid or fire.  This is the right way to do things, because there isn’t a real tool tip for each level.  You need to figure things out as you go, and the first stage for each level is showing you how to use your surroundings for the next stage.  You’ll use other items a few times as the game progresses, but not as much as I would like.  The cannon is fun and all, but it can get really boring using that on the majority of each level.

Another thing that I wasn’t a fan of were the boss battles.  They were very interesting and put together nice, but there was no real consequence for the majority of them.  You could get hit by the enemy all day long and it wouldn’t make you start over.  There were two fights where you could actually die, but that was it.  It didn’t present any real challenge.


Music was actually very catchy and has that retro feel to it, which makes sense because it goes along with the graphics.  If you are looking for something high tech you are going to be disappointed, but remember this is an indie game.  But don’t worry; it comes with a variety of sixty hats that you can find within the stages.

As a longtime fan of platformers, I have to say that I did enjoy the game.  It’s just stupid fun and even though it’s ten dollars on Steam I’ll still recommend it.  Just hold off on a Starbucks coffee and you’ll be good to go.  This is only released on computer and iOS platforms, but consoles are looking like they’ll receive a release in the future, so don’t fret.


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