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When I was first told to try out Metro 2033 I thought it was going to be horrible.  I had never heard of it and thought it was going to be just another generic first person shooter.  I’m very pleased to say that I was wrong and enjoyed every bit the game delivered.  This was based off a Russian book of the same title by Dmitry Glukhovsky, and a sequel had been written, so it wasn’t a big surprise that they decided to make a sequel for the game.  However, this won’t be following the books sequel 2034, but going its own direction.  I just hope they can make it just as good as, or even better, than the first.

In Russia, mankind is still struggling in the post-apocalyptic future where people fight to survive against the harsh world they inhabit in the underground metro.  The protagonist from Metro 2033 Artyom is stressed with nightmares of the Dark Ones, an alien race they thought were there to harm them, but were actually peaceful, but Artyum had killed them.  Or so he thought, as he has now been tasked, with Anna, a fellow solider to find a Dark One that has been spotted.  Will Artyom kill the final Dark One or try to undo the mistakes he made before?


When it comes to the plot this may be even better than Metro 2033.  The driving force of this is the atmosphere, and they do a fantastic job with it.  Everything feels hopeless from walking the tattered cities under the metro, or witnessing the secluded surface that is now overrun with mutant creatures deformed.  The noises are well is probably the best part as you hear either the creatures running around you in the dark or whispers of the haunted memories in the area.  I will say it is a shame though that the experience can be done in ten to twelve hours.

It is in the first person viewpoint where you can carry up to three different weapons consisting of pistols, shotguns, rifles and a few others.  You have throwable items as well like knives, pipe bombs, and incendiary bombs.  Or you can go through an entire chapter without the need of a weapon by using the shadows to avoid contact with your enemies.  In the metro tunnels this may be a problem as it is hard to see without your flashlight or night vision, but that may attract a different kind of enemy.


There is no HUD that shows your map or targets a location for you.  When your health runs low your heart races and you start seeing in red, you can either to wait to heal yourself or take stem packs that you find throughout the underground.  Running around outside requires you to wear a gas mask which requires you to find air filters.  You have a compass in your diary to help you find your path, but you can’t have a weapon out while holding it or you need your lighter to see it in the dark.  The currency is still the military-grade ammunition, but a lot of the time you will find yourself scavenging whatever you can find in the metros or looting through dead bodies.

There are only a few problems that can be said about the gaming experience.  One, it is a bit short, especially if you plan on just playing through it without trying to go for any achievements, or want to experience both endings.  However, I can counter that by saying that you shouldn’t come at this with guns blazing, but discover every aspect of the stealth capabilities and explore every part of the area.  I would have also liked it if there was a rolling ability put in, because certain creatures like to rush at you, and it would have been easy to avoid their attacks with a roll instead of just knocked over every time they hit you.  Graphics had a minor error when it came to lighting on the PC side, but consoles, at least the 360, had none to show.  Still, the stunning graphics from the design of the levels, characters, creatures, and even the voice acting are done well enough that it is wonderful from start to finish.

Overall, 4A Games delivered yet again another game that looks beautiful and puts together an inspiring story, so we can only hope for another.  This was a fantastic game and I highly recommend it for FPS lovers and those who enjoyed the first release.  Be sure to pick this up when you can because you don’t want to miss out on Last Light.


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