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Far Cry 3 is the third installment in the Far Cry franchise, but not a direct sequel to either of them.  It was released late in 2012, and while it was neglected in awards like Spike’s Video Game Awards, gaming magazines and websites gave Far Cry 3 positive feedback all around.  However, and more importantly, will it do as well with Video Games Made Me Do It?

The story begins with a group of friends having a fun time on a tropical island in the Pacific.  They are doing what all young adults do: hang gliding, biking, site seeing, partying, doing drugs, sky diving, and, of course, being captured by pirates to be sold into slavery.  Jason Brody, the main character, escapes the encampment and, thanks to some of the natives gets the tools he needs to help save his friends and brother.


The plot isn’t anything complicated.  Jason has to do whatever it takes to save his friends and family, but the further he goes down this path the darker things become for him.  You see the power struggle in him because he is finally taking control his life.  Something that keeps the story going through is the characters around you.  While some may be stereotypes like Oliver or Keith who seems like your typical “bros”, others, like Vaas really keep things going.  You want to hate him because he is a psychopath, but you can’t help but love him with the dialogue they give him.  There are many scenes to talk about, but we don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Just like the other Far Cry titles this follows the first person shooter genre along with role-playing elements like skill trees, experience points, and crafting.   You start off with just a hand gun, but later on you will unlock machine guns, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers, among many others, and my personal favorite, the bow.  Jason can either run into an area with guns blazing or perform stealth kills without anyone knowing he was even there.  When leveling up you can unlock skills to kill with stealth attacks, using grenades or to increase Jason’s other abilities.

Shooting Tiger

The map is open world where you can just walk down the main story line or you can do a variety of side quests from killing a certain person, carrying medical supplies, or finding collectibles.  Exploring the map can help your character grow as well.  When it comes to crafting you need the hide from animals like bears, tigers, boars, or dingoes to make your inventory grow.  The leaves you find in the jungle allow you to mix into syringes to increase your health or stamina.

The graphics were incredible, from the beautiful green scenery of the island to the clear visual quality of the water.  Character designs look amazing as well when it came to the facial features of everyone along with voice quality.  For music…well, if you like dubstep I’m sure you’ll like this.


I had only two real problems with everything.   The first is money.  I always found my wallet full of it and never really needed to use it, even at the start of the game.  Weapons are unlocked later on for you to buy, but you find most of them from enemies or given to you from missions.  I only used it to buy armor or ammo, but everything was really cheap.   My second issue was how the boss battles were set up.  You go into a psychedelic dream state when fighting them and go through a series of quick time events, which I just might be sick of at this point.

Well, after all of this let me put it all in a nutshell: the game was awesome.  If you really enjoyed the campaign you might also enjoy the four player co-op missions along with the online battles as well.  It is a shame this was looked past in a few areas on making game of the year.  It might not have received the title, but it should have been in the category.  Anyways, this is a game to play no matter what year it is and I highly recommend it to any fan of first person shooters and sandbox games.


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