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Element4l is an indie platformer by the developing team I-illusions with a soundtrack by Mind Tree.  Now, for a fair warning right off the bat, this isn’t a game for you everyday gamers.  There is no real violence and it requires you to think quickly in order to advance through each level.  The key concepts to be aware of are the atmosphere that surrounds you and the smooth gameplay.

There isn’t much of what I can say is the story.  There are four different stages where you play as a little organism that can change into four different elements: air, ice, fire, and earth.  Each of these elements allows you to get across each map and is triggered by the arrow keys on the keyboard.  The first few levels are just tutorials, on helping you learn each element and how to use them together, but after that it is your job to master them.


This can become very, very frustrating.  This isn’t particularly long, but as you progress the levels start to become more difficult, and you could seriously end up with a broken keyboard.  There aren’t any zombies, ninjas, soldiers or any type of enemy trying to kill you.  This is a platformer that wants you to use your brain to pass each obstacle it throws at you.  When you reach certain areas subtitles will show up as a joke or a hint on how to beat that area.

While many games today use awesome graphics for really flashy gameplay, Element4I keeps it low-key, making things unique.  But what really puts the mood together is the music.  While it can seem eerie at times, but it is more calm then anything.  I’m also shocked that I even enjoyed the electronic dubstep parts there were put in.  I’m certainly no fan of that style, but they made it work.


This is addicting, but at the same time makes you want to pull out your hair.  As a fan of platformers I enjoyed every minute of this game and highly recommend it.  If you are looking for something with explosions and blood you may want to look elsewhere, but I would say give this one a shot.  You can find this artful game on Steam for just ten dollars.


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