DOOM 3: BFG Edition

8 Overall Score

DOOM fans will love it | 15+ hours of game time| Improved graphics and sound

Scare factor isn't as high | Difficulty decreased

Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): Id Software

PUBLISHER(S): Bethesda Softworks

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360, PS3, PC


RELEASE DATE(S): 16 October, 2012

Oh, DOOM 3.  How I remember long nights with you with the shutters closed, the lights off and the surround sound head phones.  You scared me DOOM 3, you scared me real good, but I liked it.  Now, almost a decade later you come back to my life with open arms and a couple of new things as well.  But the question I have for you, DOOM 3, is: will you have the same impact as before?

DOOM 3 isn’t really the third part of a story but is actually a remake of the first DOOM.  It is the year 2145 and you play a marine who has been assigned to do a deployment at the Union Aerospace Corporation’s science facility on Mars.  After a very short introduction you are instructed to go down into the delta labs in search of a scientist who has gone missing.  Once you find him he is in a state of panic trying to contact Earth in order to warn them of an impending danger.  Unfortunately, it’s too late.  An evil presence engulfs the facility, raising monsters and turning people into zombies.  It’s up to you to stop this madness before this particular brace of space hell tries to go to Earth.

The game also treats us with the expansion Resurrection of Evil, where the story continues on for a little bit more, and a few new levels in The Lost Mission that was cut out from the original DOOM 3 game where you play the last surviving member of Bravo Team.  If you enjoyed the main game then you should have no problems with these.  DOOM and DOOM 3 are also in the bundle if you want to go even further on the old school bus.

The story is pretty simple…on the outside.  You run into a few people where the plot is addressed a little bit at a time, but not as much as you would think.  However, there is a rich backstory on the PDA’s you find.  I enjoy collectibles like this because it isn’t just about getting an achievement, it’s finding out more about what happened.  Each PDA has email that you read from members of the facility and even some voice logs explaining things or simply just designed to creep you out.

This is a First Person Shooter and they do it well, as they should being pretty much the creators of the genre.  You have a variety of weapons you can use to blow your enemies back to hell like the pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, chaingun, rocket launcher, BFG-9000 and many more.  What separates other FPS’s and DOOM 3 is the flashlight.  There are many dark corners or rooms where you can’t see a single thing, at all.  You can try to raise your brightness all you want, but it won’t help.  You need the flashlight to see just enough to enable you to shoot the enemy in these situations, and did I happen to mention it runs on batteries?  It recharges once you turn it off, but make sure you aren’t fighting anything or it will have its way with you in the dark.  Back in the original version you couldn’t hold the flashlight while holding certain weapons, but in the BFG Edition the flashlight is mounted on the shoulder pad.  They also decided to add more health and ammo you can find in each level.  To be honest, it took away a little bit of the scary factor and survival method, but not too much.

Speaking of scary, let’s move to the graphics and sound.  In today’s standards the graphics may not seem that great.  However, they did improve on the graphics and textures.  This also supports 3D TVs, and high resolution monitors for all you rich people out there with the high tech gear.  The sound is by far what makes this game scary.  Random noises and screams are found throughout every corner you take leading you sometimes to nowhere or a trap for demons to devour your guts.

Multiplayer was just like the single player campaign, but you are fighting against other DOOM fans.  The servers weren’t full of players, so it was hard to get a game going, and it isn’t always the best with just two people.  The maps are pretty small and have weapons, health or other items scattered around to help you fight against the other players.  However, this is more of a single player game than a multiplayer.

For $40.00 this is actually a pretty good price for hardcore DOOM fans or those that want to try out this classic package with at least fifteen hours of gameplay.  It wasn’t as scary or as hard due to all the changes, but it didn’t ruin the game.  This may turn some of the newer FPS gamers of today’s generation because it isn’t high tech and it doesn’t have a GPS showing you where to go, you actually have to figure it out for yourself.


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