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I have to admit that when I played the demo for Dead Space 3 I didn’t have high hopes for this game being as good as the previous releases.  Dead Space is all about survival horror.  However, as gameplay advanced, it almost seemed they were going the path of Resident Evil where explosions and co-op were more important, but I went in with an open mind and hoped it would give me the same reaction as the other two.

Isaac Clarke is back and still as fucked up as before, wallowing in self-pity after Ellie left him, and it would seem that he has just given up, until Captain Norton and Sergeant Carver decide to help him back up on his feet.  The terrorist group known as Unitologist is on full attack causing necromorph outbreaks, and it’s targeted its sites on Isaac.  Isaac needs to find Ellie and travel to the ice planet Tau Volantis where they will learn the two hundred year history of how it all began.

This is the first game of the series that is co-op in the campaign, and I have very mixed feelings about it.  Story wise, it actually worked out pretty well.  You could play it by yourself or with a friend and the story would continue on the same way, but if you do have Carver running with Isaac there are a few missions that allow you to view Carver’s past.  However, the only shame in that is the fact that whoever plays Carver can only see the hallucinations, and the first player is left out watching Carver bug out as necromorphs attack.


My problem isn’t with the story though, but the gameplay.  Nothing has really changed; you still kill reanimated corpses in a third person view using kinesis to slow enemies down, but I would say the atmosphere was lacking quite a bit.  Survival horror was still there in many cases, but they were trying too hard to incorporate huge explosions and action scenes making it a little boring.  There are enough games out there like that and I truly miss the unique survival horror, and I’m hoping that Dead Space isn’t falling away from it.  Co-op was fun, but again, it took away that feeling of being alone with all these creatures.  When you have someone following you around picking you up whenever you are injured, your adrenaline isn’t running anymore.  You feel safe, and that isn’t what you are supposed to be feeling when you play this.

There were things improved on when it came to different RIG suits you could wear, the fact that you could roll, or the shitty covering system that developers these days can’t seem to do right.  Seriously, how is it hard to come up with a good covering system?  Gears did it!  You can also create new weapons from scratch instead of using a blue print.  You’ll find parts and circuits everywhere either to improve on the ones you have or create a new one.  My personal favorite is when you can shoot a floating buzz saw to cut your enemies when they come up close while you are shooting them.


The necromorphs haven’t changed.  They still include the major cast of disgusting looking creatures that only your nightmares could come up with.  A new one called Wasters change depending on how you cut their limbs and Feeders are humans that ate the flesh of necromorphs to survive, too bad, though, as it made them into insane cannibals.  You can fight Unitologist soldiers that come after you, but I’m glad to say they aren’t in it a lot because if this was the case I’m sure I would have hated the game at that point.

Graphics were done very well and I saw no real problems with it, but the sound was the best part.  I’m glad they didn’t change too much on that because when it comes to the eerie music or sound effects, which can really make or break a game.

Overall I did enjoy Dead Space 3 when it came to the story, but gameplay-wise it was the weakest of the three.  I’m sure co-op is set on their mind with future releases, because we all know they are going to make another one, but I would hope they could actually make it work better this time.  I’m not saying the game wasn’t good, but they could have improved on many areas to make this even better.


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