Dead Island: Riptide

7.5 Overall Score

Fun Gameplay | Great Atmosphere | Quality Sound

Voice Acting | No Real Changes From First | Glitches


Dead Island was something for which gamers have been waiting for quite a long time.  It had been in development since 2005, and pushed back over and over again, until finally being released in 2011.  It received positive reviews overall, so it’s no surprise they would release another game…but so quickly?  Riptide is considered a sequel, but I wouldn’t say it is that much of an improvement.

You begin by flying in on the chopper you left the island on to a military ship, where I’m sure the survivors think everything is going to start getting better.   However, to their surprise the military isn’t there to help them, but are more interested in the fact that they are immune to the virus, so they take them captive.  There they meet another survivor named John, who is immune just like they are.  After escaping the ship during a storm the group find themselves on another island that just so happens to have the virus on it and is infested with flesh eating zombies.


The story is pretty predictable, but it doesn’t try to throw long cut scenes at you which is nice.  They are trying to hurry up and get off the island, so standing around talking isn’t the best thing for them to do.  However, it did open up a little more on the virus and our heroes being immune to it, but not as much as I would have liked.  I have a rant to do on about, but I’ll leave it for the end since it talks about the game as a whole.

The world that you get to explore goes across three maps where you can do main quests or side stuff to help the local villagers.  Something they added in the game is where the group that follows you will give you team missions that will help improve their weapons they use when being attacked.  Every so often you will be ambushed by zombies and you need to defend yourselves, but if your team dies it is game over.


Gameplay is exactly the same the original: first person mode where you beat zombies to death with clubs, knives, pretty much anything you find on the ground.  Or you can shoot them with firearms.  You can still upgrade your weapons and find modification blueprints to make your killing more fun, like a maul that is on fire or a katana that can shock them.  The skill tree allows you to build the character that you want allowing you to put more into survival, combat or fury.  Speaking of fury, it is still here for you to go into your rage mode where you are almost invincible.  While you can use the four from the previous game, the character John is someone you can play with who is better with his fists and feet vice a weapon.


There were problems though, and some that just frustrate me.  First, I didn’t understand why they even made this game as a sequel.  There were hardly any changes from the first and it felt like a really long DLC.  There were still many glitches like sound problems, or save files being corrupted.  These were issues in the first title that should have been dealt with.  Also, what about the virus?  They opened up a little on that, but just a small glimpse to keep you interested.  This didn’t feel like a real sequel because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every bloody skull I crushed.  In fact, if you enjoyed the first game there is no reason for you not to like this one.  I do like the fact that the game was not the full sixty dollar price.   It wasn’t bad, but I’m disappointed because it could have been a lot better instead of just a copy and paste with a few changes in it.


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