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I’ve finally had the time to sit down and write this review.  Bioshock was something that was extremely creative, an imaginative story line, and well done gameplay.  Bioshock 2 came out shortly after that with a different team developing it and while the game was good, it didn’t reach the same excitement as the first title.  Now, Infinite is ran by the same developing team, Irrational Games, as the first, and made everyone believe this is going to be the game of the year.  Well, they may be right.

The story isn’t really a sequel, because it takes place before the original, but, to be honest, nor is it a prequel.  You play as Dwight Booker, a man who seems to have a gambling problem and must find a girl in order to erase his debt.  This takes him to Columbia, a city of thousands that floats in the air with.  Everything seems easy enough, just find a girl and get out of the area.  But things start to heat up quick for Dwight, and now he is fighting to just stay alive.  You see, there is a prophet in the city who seems to have everyone convinced that he knows the future and has labeled Dwight the anti-prophet.


When you are first playing this you may notice a huge similarity to the first game.  However, as it progresses on you realize that you are heading in a different direction.  Searching the city for the hidden audio logs helps out with piecing together the puzzle of this story, but even then you aren’t getting everything until the finale.  The ending has been a hot topic issue with many gamers not either fully understanding it or trying to pick it apart on why it doesn’t work.  I enjoyed it, and didn’t over think it.  It was bittersweet and something I wouldn’t have changed.

The gameplay is still in the first person perspective.  You have a variety of steam punk-looking weapons on your right side like a pistol, machine gun, sniper rifle, etc.  You can only carry two weapons this time, upgrading them as you see fit and picking up new ones from the friendly people of the city that are trying to kill you.  Your left side holds the power of the vigor which is a psychokinetic power you can use to control enemies, move objects, set traps and many more abilities.  You can also find equipment that helps give you a stat boost on your weapons or powers, but you can only be wearing a certain amount at a time.


A new weapon and a way of travel is the grappling hook you get right in the beginning.  There are a series of railings that connect the buildings across the city and you can ride them back and forth for transportation shooting as you go along or jumping on your enemies below.  You can use this to perform a finishing move on an enemy AI to decapitate them or throw them across the room.

When you finally team up with Elizabeth you may fear the worst thing for any gamer to experience…escorting an AI. I know you received shivers as you read that dreadful word, but don’t fret, there is good news.  You see, Elizabeth can’t be hurt, in fact, all she is a huge help for Dwight.  She has a special power where she can open tears, which I won’t spoil for you, along with money and weapons to help in the fight.

One of the only things that disappointed me was the lack of enemies.  Well, I shouldn’t say there is a lack of them as you will end up facing hundreds, but those who stand out from the rest aren’t shown as much.  Handymen or Boys of Silence are good examples of enemies I would have liked to battle more, but you rarely saw them.  The motorized patriots were fun, at first, but you fight those at every damn corner.  I guess I started to feel like I was in a cycle, and for how long this game is you don’t want to feel that.


But don’t let my small issue discourage you from getting this amazing game.  What constitutes raising a game into the nine or ten category for me is a game that I can play all over again and still have that same feeling when I see the credits, and Bioshock: Infinite is that type of game.  I’m not sure where the series can go from here and I’m fine with what we have already seen.  No point in spoiling something with just filler for the sake of it.  This will have some competition when it comes to award season, but I know it will give it one hell of a fight.


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