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Published October 23, 2018

UPDATE: Fish’s sideburns have left Fish’s development studio, citing “irreconcilable creative differences” with Fish. Fish says the project will go on as planned, as long as the remaining members of the Montreal-based Polytron refer to him only as “Maestro”.

UPDATE: Fish has again taken to Twitter to once again re-announce Fez II but states it’ll be available exclusively to fans of noise-rock band Sonic Youth.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this news, Fish has re-canceled Fez II, citing “a pitiful lack of retweets”.

Indie gaming developer Phil Fish this morning tweeted out the news many fans of his Escher-esque platformer Fez have been hoping to hear: Fez II, his much-hyped but abruptly canceled sequel, is back in development. The news followed hours of cryptic, heady tweets that according to Fish, “probably went over all your fucking heads anyways”. Minutes before the official announcement, Fish stated, “To light the path to creativity, one must first destroy everything one knows about the creative process,” followed by “this industry makes me vomit blood.” While his polarizing public statements will be the discussion of many message boards around the internet, Fish promised “not to let the Cro-Magnons at GameTrailers force their Dorito-glazed fingers down my throat.”

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