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Published October 23, 2018

If you were to ask any male gamer just a few years back how safe they felt playing their favorite video games online they would probably have told you there were no problems at all. This has changed recently with some of them being pushed into a corner for just being who they are.

Kevin Dwight, a long-time fan of online shooters, was recently attacked by multiple gamers over a comment he made in a Titanfall lobby. “They went on calling me misogynistic, a bully, and a sexist pig. I don’t know what those dumb cunts are talking about, but I ain’t no pig,” said a concerned Kevin. He was so taken back by this assault he didn’t even feel like looking up the other words used and wanted to just forget about the incident.

One in four young men have reported that they’ve been assaulted for just speaking their minds, which is their God-given right in this country. Some are too afraid to even throw in a little online rivalry against their opponents fearing that calling someone a pussy, faggot, or making a well-timed rape joke may possibly offend someone.

“I recently had this wicked kill with a shotgun blast to the chest. I was getting ready to tell them to suck my bollox, but a woman’s voice was behind the character. She was probably on her boyfriend’s or brother’s account, but I didn’t want to risk it,” stated Ken Lindquist from the U.K.

Groups of friends now have to start chat groups with each other just to feel safe. Will it ever be safe for men to actually say what they want in a public forum without having the backlash of so many women and their white knights?

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