Guitar Hero Comeback Trending On Twitter


In what can only be referred to as a historic display of unoriginality, nearly two million Twitter users have, at some point over the last week, tweeted “Getting the band back together” in response to the report that new Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are in development.

“Twitter is an outlet known for its hivemind characteristics but this incident is remarkable even for the idiots who frequent the platform,” says social media analyst Jessica Swede. “Whenever a big story breaks, morons from all over flock to Twitter to regurgitate viewpoints they read on their feed. We’ve seen it over and over, from the Patriots cheating scandal to the new Star Wars trailer, just to name a few recent examples. The hype for these new music games follows a long, detailed legacy of groupthink behavior found on Twitter.”

In total, the tweeted phrase, made famous decades ago by the fictional SNL band Blues Brothers, was shared by 1.7 million unique users, some of whom elected to use the phrase multiple times, apparently ignorant of their own inability to have a unique thought.

This incident of entirely useless social dialogue set a new Twitter record for most overused phrase in a five day period, and propels the hashtag #GettingTheBandBackTogether to eleventh most used of all-time, a category still dominated by the insufferable fuckfaces who use #ThatAwkwardMoment.

While this stunning display of copy/paste ideas does account for those who chose to hashtag the phrase, it does not include any dumbasses who couldn’t even spell it right, Swede says. “If we factored in those usages as well, the total would increase greatly — maybe even double.”

“Social media has the ability to unite people from anywhere, to inform within seconds, to promote friendly debate, to truly enrich the human experience, Swede said. “At its grandest, it could light a spark that changes someone’s worldview. But instead people elect to strengthen the chain of stupidity. It’s pretty sad.”

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