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Published October 23, 2018

The most popular gaming website in the entire universe has just stated that they will not be releasing their next Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review after their accounting department declared that the check had bounced from the game’s publisher, Activision.

Damon Johnson, the general manager over at IGN, stated, “We have had the review ready for about a week with a good enough score to make people think this is actually a next generation title. However, after checking our billing statements we were charged twenty five dollars from our offshore account for a bounced check from Activision. So the review is pending until this issue is fixed.”

VGMMDI reached out to Activision regarding the incident to see how this mistake was made. It would seem that they mixed up the checks between their Call of Duty funds and Guitar Hero accounts. They have apologized to IGN over this simple mistake since one has Steven Tyler from Aerosmith on it and the other has Manuel Noriega. When shown both checks, an Activision employee laughed and said, “wow, the only resemblance between the two is that they both look old and worn out. But I guess in a certain light…”

IGN reviewer, Dan Stapleton, has spent a couple of hours repasting old reviews over to his and has said, “Starting from scratch would be a real bummer because I actually wanted to play Bayonetta 2 this week.” Activision has guaranteed that the problem should be resolved before its release next week on November 4th.

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