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Published September 21, 2018

Local townsfolk are up in arms claiming the Hero that saved them from numerous encounters with monsters, sorcerers, and raiders has been caught stealing from local stores and homes, so much so that the problem has become an epidemic and the Hero’s image has taken a severe hit.

“I’m not questioning his heroism after that battle with the dragon that saved our village. I’m just saying that half my emeralds go missing whenever he visits my store,” says one local shopkeeper who asked to remain anonymous. “When he defeated the Necromancer’s Army, we were all so grateful — eternally in his debt, I felt. That was, until I started noticing all my potions were missing.”
The Hero has been accused in the past but with little evidence, he was given the benefit of the doubt. That all changed when a farmer caught him breaking family vases for money and chasing his chickens across the fields. After these stories were substantiated several times over, the townsfolk became puzzled as to why someone, who was thought to have been a bastion of good will and bravery, would take the risk stealing all these items.

“The worst part is he doesn’t even seem to use a lot of it,” says one young lady, who first noticed something was awry when the Hero returned from a quest to fetch her armor. “We confronted him, had him empty his bag. Much of the contents were things that went missing ages ago. No remorse from this guy. He has a real problem.”

Other townsfolk were more sympathetic. “It sort of just reminds us that everyone’s got problems. We liked seeing this guy in a light of infallibility, but everyone has their demons,” said another shopkeeper. “This is just something he’s struggling with, I suppose.”

“I don’t know if it’s his ego or what. He’s done a lot for us, we would help him out if he was in trouble, but he doesn’t let us know these things,” said one concerned mother, echoing the same sentiments heard around town. “It’s like he thinks we owe him anything he desires. At some point you kind of wonder if we would be better off with the dragons.”
When asked to a comment on the accusations, the Hero stayed silent.

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