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Published October 23, 2018

Calling it an eye-opening and exciting experience in gaming, Alice Miels, 18, spent her Saturday afternoon playing online games in order to relieve some stress, leading her to being complimented by all the male gamers via in-game chat. “I have to admit I’m quite flattered by all the attention they give me,” said Alice.

While Alice was covering her teammates overlooking the compound map they selected, one male gamer asked her if she would “go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich,” which of course Alice thought was strange because she is currently studying culinary arts at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. “It’s been my passion since watching my grandmother run her own restaurant,” she said. “So I’m planning on making everyone sandwiches if they stop on by.”

After a pressing match of Battlefield 1 one gamer named XxXBangerXxX said that Alice, “probably has some big tits” and went on a five minute tirade on what he wanted to do with them. “I’ve been having real body issues for the last few years as my larger physique has caused some discomfort, but to hear these compliments really gives me that boost of confidence I need to accept who I am.”

Thinking that Saturday was just going to be like any other gaming day, Alice was overjoyed by all the attention she received and was more than willing to accept all of their friend requests. She hopes the next time she logs on it will be even half as enjoyable.

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