Evolve Under Attack By Religious Fundamentalists


Evolve, the sci-fi themed first person shooter, has definitely been on the radar this year for gamers, but also for religious fundamentalists.  The name alone has many devout Christians and Muslims in an uproar, but the content in the game is where they have drawn the line.

The video game in question has five online players fighting each other.  Four are hunters on an alien planet trying to find and kill an creature that evolves as the game goes on.

Hillary Smith, a teacher from Washington State, believes the game is immoral and makes no sense.  “I am shocked at what they are forcing our children to believe in.  It is unnatural.  Everyone knows that God created Adam from dirt, then took out one of his ribs when he was sleeping and made his wife Eve.  Then they had children and their children had children with each other.”

But it isn’t just the Christian faith that is having problems with the games content but others as well including Aabid Aliee from Detroit, Michigan, who gave a few choice words.  “First they want God out of our schools and now he is being taken out of our games?  I only hope that all Muslims boycott such a violent and uneducated video game.”

Evolve is set to release February 10th, but with the bad press following it we can only hope it won’t be pushed back.  We’ve reached out to Turtle Rock Studios to get their thoughts on patching a God Mode into the game. We’ll update this article if they reply.


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