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Published September 20, 2018

Everything was going fine Saturday morning at the PlayStation Experience event until Neil Druckmann, creative writer and director at Naughty Dog, blew everyone’s minds when he said he wouldn’t change a thing when asked about having a white actress (Laura Baily) play a black pixelated character in the new Uncharted video game.

We here at VGMMDI thought it was just Naughty Dog who was promoting this racist method, but after heavily searching Google for fifteen minutes we’ve come to find out a sad truth that will shock America.

The vast majority of voice actors look nothing like the people they dub!

Troy Baker

Troy Baker as Delsin Rowe in Infamous Second Son
A white man with blonde hair and blue eyes plays Delsin Rowe on Infamous: Second Son who is Native American. What, they couldn’t find a Native American voice actor in the United States?

Laura Bailey

The woman who started this whole thing, has been playing Chun-Li from Street Fighter for over six years! This was back before 2015, so we have a lot to be pissed about with her.

Terrence C. Carson

Terrence C Carson as Kratos in God of War
Kratos, who murders Gods for a living, is the antihero in the series God of War and his voice actor Terrence C. Carson is a black…oh, never mind.

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson in The Simpsons
Sadly, this doesn’t just effect video games, but also TV shows. Here you can see her playing Bart Simpson in The Simpons and she clearly doesn’t have yellow skin.

There is most definitely a problem with this industry if they expect us to believe that voice actors are supposed to convey these characters through their voice when we should be casting them based off their looks.

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