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By , July 28, 2015 0 News, Opinion Pieces

Today’s video games are doing an absolute horrendous job in portraying real men. Their depiction of the male form is, to say the least, cruel. The amount of damage to a young boy’s mind is tantamount to seeing his parents… Read More »

By , May 8, 2015 0 News, Opinion Pieces

The last few weeks have not been kind to fans of Silent Hill. After Kojima’s sudden departure from Konami, the highly anticipated Silent Hills was in danger of cancellation. Those concerns were further validated when Guillermo Del Toro announced that… Read More »

By , April 13, 2015 0 News, Opinion Pieces

Well, well. It’s been quite some ride, hasn’t it? It seems like only yesterday that misogynist gamers were seeking the head of Ms. Zoe Quinn for her alleged affair with the manager of her local Five Guys Burgers and Fries…. Read More »

By , April 9, 2015 0 News, Opinion Pieces

I’m not sure about you, but I’m getting really tired of buying game after game and finding myself stuck with mediocre content from all these half-assed studios. I’ve decided to do my own research and put together a list that… Read More »

By , March 31, 2015 0 News, Opinion Pieces

Recent sequels in the storied history of Mortal Kombat have made a name for themselves with the inclusion of licensed characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Predator. Fans of the goriest fighting series in gaming have welcomed these new… Read More »