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By , March 31, 2015 4 News, Opinion Pieces

Recent sequels in the storied history of Mortal Kombat have made a name for themselves with the inclusion of licensed characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Predator. Fans of the goriest fighting series in gaming have welcomed these new… Read More »

By and , December 31, 2014 3 News, Opinion Pieces

We’re just a decade or so into the multiplayer craze in gaming and there’s no reason to believe it will go anywhere any time soon. Single-player stories have their space in the industry, but online modes are the true money… Read More »

By , December 20, 2014 1 News, Opinion Pieces

Another calendar year draws to a close, and if you’re like the millions of self-identifying gamers out there, you’re probably recovering from an all-nighter of Advanced Warfare, practicing for a¬†Smash Bros. tournament, or perhaps leaving death threats on your favorite… Read More »

By , November 19, 2014 7 News, Opinion Pieces

Over the past two weeks gamers and critics around the globe have given Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a huge thumbs up. Yes, the series that is known for copying and pasting their gameplay has finally taken the time to… Read More »

By , October 10, 2014 4 News, Opinion Pieces

What is Gamergate? A movement started in August 2014 dealing with misogyny and sexism in the video game industry, or a disruptive campaign attacking male gamers for their hobby, it depends on whether you’re citing Tumblr or 4chan.   Why… Read More »