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By , April 9, 2015 2 News, Opinion Pieces

I’m not sure about you, but I’m getting really tired of buying game after game and finding myself stuck with mediocre content from all these half-assed studios. I’ve decided to do my own research and put together a list that… Read More »

By , March 25, 2015 6 News

Recently, Twitch’s female broadcasters have had civilized and reasonable arguments via the chat feature on whether or not women should be allowed to show any type of skin on their body while playing video games. “I shouldn’t have to log… Read More »

By , March 15, 2015 74 News

As games become more advanced visually it would seem that gamers don’t have the ability to actually play them because they are so stunned by the cinematics. However, a new controller is currently being developed by Sony which bypasses all… Read More »

By , February 22, 2015 0 News

Turtle Rock Studios have just announced today, on their website, the newest monster that will be prowling gamer’s pockets within the next few months — the “Dollar Bill.” The creature stands twenty feet tall and is a ranged-attack monster using… Read More »

By , February 18, 2015 59 News

Earlier this morning Anita Sarkeesian was kidnapped from her home by a group of unidentified men who claimed to work under the Gamergate movement. While negotiations were being discussed Sarkeesian said that she refused to be used as another damsel… Read More »