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Published September 21, 2018

Anita Sarkeesian announced today that that she plans to finish her “Tropes Vs Women In Video Games” series through DLC this upcoming July due to the lack of funds over the past few years. Sarkeesian has currently released only a few videos from her Kickstarter project that started back in 2012 which raised close to $160,000.
“People don’t understand how much time it takes, and all the funds that are put towards creating high quality videos with one color backgrounds along with the endless searching for video game images and YouTube videos on Google. It can be very demanding,” Sarkeesian stated.
Fans have shown disappointment over the last few months with the lack of videos that were promised years ago, but Sarkeesian and her crew are already one step ahead in order to please their fans.

  • Day 100 Editions include a Joss Whedon figurine
  • Flannel shirt and hooped earrings skin packs
  • Season pass purchasers can enable the comment section and like feature
  • Get a free “I hate #Gamergate” T-shirt

She understands everyone’s concerns over the lack of content she has promised these last few years, but she wants everyone to know that you can voice any of your concerns through social media and she won’t have any problems this time telling you to fuck off.

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