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Published October 23, 2018

Earlier this morning Anita Sarkeesian was kidnapped from her home by a group of unidentified men who claimed to work under the Gamergate movement. While negotiations were being discussed Sarkeesian said that she refused to be used as another damsel in distress and would sue any government officials that tried to rescue her.

For those who are not aware, Sarkeesian is a well-known feminist who has recently focused her attention towards the sexist acts that are engraved into gamer culture while ignoring other negative stereotypes running rampant in games, like racism and gender roles for both men and women.

“I know where this is going and let me be clear by telling the world that I will not be used as another example of oppression on women. We see this cliché all the time and quite frankly the females of this world are getting sick and tired of being used as objects to stroke the male ego,” she stated over video chat with a gun pointed at her head.

A hostage negotiator called the captors to discuss their demands and to make sure Sarkeesian was still alive. One of the men, whose identity remained hidden behind a Master Chief mask, said all they wanted was a signed agreement that all video game journalists would be fair and unbiased when giving out news or reviews. They would let Ms. Sarkeesian go only if these demands were met. While no physical harm was being done to her, the captors were mentally torturing her by forcing her to play butt battles on Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

At time of writing, Sarkeesian has announced terms of her own, saying she might reconsider help from the police if the eventual SWAT team sent in is an all-female unit who have shattered their workplace’s glass ceiling. “If you can show me with certainty that these female officers make at least as much money — if not more — as their male counterparts, I will agree to be released safely and without further harm.”

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