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Published October 23, 2018

Alanah Pearce, an Australian video game reviewer, recently received a number of threats on Facebook criticizing her for being a helpless woman in the video game world. After realizing that many of her assailants were underage she decided to inform their mothers. She rather easily found them through their social media accounts, informing the matriarchs that their offspring were sending rape threats. She then posted the conversation on her Twitter account and sent it to the Guardian. However, the boys are now taking the offensive.

The boys who sent the threats, and don’t want their names posted due to privacy concerns, are going to take Ms. Pearce to court on grounds of defamation, along with being a tattle tale and a goody two shoes.

“Our so called ‘threats’ were just small pranks, and not much different than things you see on the internet every day. If I was receiving these death or rape threats online I would have just brushed them off because I’m clearly more mature than her. But she crossed the line, though, by telling my mom about it.  Something you learn at a very young age is to never be a tattle tale.  She obviously missed that important lesson,” stated one of the young gentlemen.

During school these boys are now looked at in a different light as their classmates are making it hard to socially mingle with them. Some of the young women especially seem to keep their distance because they believed the boy’s harmless prank should actually be taken seriously. However, as we all know, words have never actually done any real harm.

A publishing company is currently working with the boys to tell their side of the story. The book will focus on how these death threats should not be taken seriously and maybe people need to just lighten up. The book is currently titled “Sticks and Stones.”

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