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Published October 23, 2018

Polygon is well known for thinking outside the box when it comes to reporting news to the gaming community. They tackle hard issues like misogyny and racial stereotypes along with the negative impact these represent in a white male dominated industry. They also write reviews from time to time.  Chris Grant, Editor-in-Chief, believes that Polygon can take it a step further to put a positive light on gaming by having all his male staff writers undergo a sex change.

“I think this will help us in the long run,” said Grant, via his personal blog. “By doing this we are not only changing our sexual organs but also history itself.  Our employees need not worry about costs, though, because this will be a tax write-off.”

When Polygon’s penis pinching pilot program was first launched in the Spring of 2013, two of their employees jumped at the chance to undergo the procedure.  Chris Plante said, “I’ve always wrote about the issues regarding women in gaming, but this is the first time I’ve actually stepped into their Gucci high heels.” Arthur Gies has yet to make any statements on the life changing event, but rumors suggest that he will be a booth babe in the next San Diego Comic-Con event.

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