Here are a few questions I’ll answer that I’m sure most of you will come up with, so check these out before you decide to send an email out.


Q: Is this a satire/humor website?

A: I would like to think it is 90% truth and 10% satire…or maybe the other way around. I can’t remember to be honest!


Q: I found a typo or error in one of your articles.

A: Click on the contact me tab and email the link of the article along with the problem.


Q: You used the name of myself or someone I know.

A:  Video Games Made Me Do It does not use any real persons, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is just coincidental.


Q: I would like to write for Video Games Made Me Do It Or Help Out?

A: Please do not send us any ideas or articles that you have written.  If we are looking to hire we will announce it on the website and other social media pages that we use.  However, you can give out a donation to us on paypal that you see at the top right of the sidebar.  We do this all for free so any help would be awesome.


Q: What happened to the old site?

A: Yeah, all of the stuff I used to do is gone now.  I almost completely got rid of the site, but an idea popped into my head and this is the outcome.


And that is it! If you do have a question for me please feel free to use the contact me section up above.