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By , July 30, 2015 0 News

The American political system never rests. It seems like campaigns begin just as soon as the past ones ended. With the end of the Obama era approaching, democrats and republicans are gearing up for another round of mudslinging and promises… Read More »

By , July 28, 2015 26 News, Opinion Pieces

Today’s video games are doing an absolute horrendous job in portraying real men. Their depiction of the male form is, to say the least, cruel. The amount of damage to a young boy’s mind is tantamount to seeing his parents… Read More »

By , July 21, 2015 4 News

Super Mario Maker, the latest installment in Nintendo‚Äôs Mario Universe, is slated for a September release on the Wii U. The game consists of you creating your own Mario levels after Nintendo realized they ran out of ideas for the… Read More »

By , July 10, 2015 0 News

Sledgehammer Games, developers of the latest Call of Duty installment, recently announced yesterday on their website that they put out a large patch for Advanced Warfare for the one player on PC who is still waiting for a game to… Read More »

By , July 1, 2015 1 News

If you’ve logged into Facebook or Twitter in the last few days, you have probably noticed the various rainbow icons spanning the pages of hundreds of gamers. Don’t attempt to color correct your monitor, what you’re looking at is legit:… Read More »