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By Tony, September 4, 2014 7 News, Opinion Pieces

The culture of gaming is going through a massive change. In the 80’s or 90’s you wouldn’t see this problem rear its ugly face.  But it would appear there’s an assault on middle class white males who are only trying to… Read More »

By Tony, August 30, 2014 1 News

A recent pilot program conducted by Talking to Teens showed that many of today’s young adults have received their knowledge of sexual education not from their schools, but from playing online games. Over a three month course held in random… Read More »

By Mark Delaney, August 29, 2014 0 Made Me Buy It, News

Another August winding down means it’s time again to examine this year’s Madden game. Few series have as many critics as EA Sports’ oft-maligned American football franchise. Going on its 26th consecutive year of release, does this year’s game have… Read More »

By Mark Delaney, August 23, 2014 0 News

Information leaked via early promotional ads has revealed that EA’s upcoming cops and robbers FPS, Battlefield: Hardline, will come with day one DLC if pre-ordered from GameStop ahead of its release in 2015. The DLC will introduce the new Dissent is a Crime mode that… Read More »

By Mark Delaney, August 21, 2014 0 News

Calling the recently revealed Silent Hill project the most ambitious in the series to date, Hideo Kojima promises the mysteriously titled Silent Hills will “challenge everything fans know about technical bugs and game-breaking glitches.” The cryptic interactive trailer “P.T.” took the internet by… Read More »